How to register Dubsmash in iOS

How to register Dubsmash in iOSRecently people in Chris with a new application named Dubsmash. This application is an application that can be used to create a video with sound from another video or dubbing video.

But not us who do the dubbing, but we as a maker of videos, and the voice were taken from a different video. One of the uniqueness of this application is that we can create videos with a cute voice. The user application on this one more day is also growing. Moreover, after appearing a few funny videos that make users of mobile devices in an uproar and download application called Dubsmash.

  1. First of all, of course, download the first Dubsmash application. You can download the application at iTunes
  2. Once completed download, go install applications Dubsmash
  3. Next, open the app Dubsmash
  4. After you enter the page Dubsmash applications, press the menu button or wipe the screen from left to right
  5. After it would appear some of the menu and select "Create Dub"
  6. After you press the button a pop up will appear
  7. Click Register to begin registering your account Dubsmash
  8. Enter your email address and press the NEXT button
  9. Then enter the username that would later become your Dubsmash account username. When already don't forget click NEXT
  10. Then enter the password and click NEXT
  11. Don't forget to also enter your birth date and press the NEXT button again
  12. Wait until the process is complete and appears successful registration notification

Up here means it will be already registered and have an account Dubsmash. You can simply make a video dubbing to your liking. All the tools to make video dubbing. You freely as you like using this application.

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  1. When I try to create a username, it tells me that it's invalid. What are the requirements?


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